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My Clean Program is a  support community for those undergoing the 21-Day Clean Cleanse, Gut Cleanse or 7 Day Refresh, designed by Dr. Alejandro Junger MD.

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This is a safe place online to ask for advice, learn and super-charge your cleanse journey. Please be kind and remember, we are all in this together!

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What makes a good Clean Lunch?

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.

Last week, I shared with you the first meal template in our series, What do I eat?.

We received a lot of positive feedback and we’re so happy to know that simple ideas can have a real impact.

Here’s one community member’s feedback:

“Sometimes when I’m hungry I don’t make healthy decisions. Having your breakfast templates makes it easier for my mind to know what to do, even when I’m hangry.” Read the rest here:


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We really do care about your detox experience. If you need additional support, beyond this community, shoot us an email. You may make an appointment to talk with a Wellness Coach here.

Much love,
The Clean Team

PS: Be sure and read Your Welcome Letter, tons of helpful info there!

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